The Company.


The core idea is to make mobility environmentally friendly, easy and safe for families. At the same time, we realise a company model in which the employees meet at eye level and transparency and flexibility have a high priority.


We are a small company from Leipzig. We currently produce around 80 carbon cargo bikes per year. Every carbon component is manufactured by hand and tested and inspected to exacting standards. Therefore we can guarantee a high quality.


  • 2014

    1. prototype from Thomas Heidemannn, Hannover

  • 2014

    First delivery to a customer in Tübingen


  • 2015

    Sebastian Sandner buy the Libelle No. 9 and joins the further development

  • 2017

    Opening of the manufactory in Leipzig


  • 2018

    Founding of Nutzrad Studio GmbH

  • 2019

    The 100. Libelle is delivered to Hannover


  • 2020

    Growth and relocation to larger premises

  • 2021

    Development of the Hummel cargo bike is complete


  • 2022


    Brand relaunch

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